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Cultural Diversity in Music Therapy Practice, Research and Education 

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

2:00 -4:00 p.m     ROUND TABLES

Room E.12, Ground Floor, Wing G

Participants: S. Metzner (Magdeburg/DE), F. Baker (Parkville Melbourne/AU), M.V.D. 
Nahmer (Augsburg/DE), H. Short (London/UK), R. Koen (Yeniköy/Istanbul/TR)

Abstract: In composition experiences within music therapy client and therapist create songs, instrumental pieces, or any kind of musical product. The symposium focusses on musical strategies 
clients are using and about the psychological as well as interactional processes clinical material from 
different fields of practice and on the clinical benefits.
Description: Composition experiences within music therapy either solely musically or in combination 
with lyrics help the client to develop skills in creative problem solving and the ability to communicate 
and to document inner experiences. According to the treatment concept, to the psychophysical state of 
the client and to the therapeutic goals the therapist is more or less actively involved and assists the 
client to find and to combine the musical elements in order to create instrumental pieces, songs, raps 
or any kind of musical product. Clinical experiences in song writing or in music-imaginative pain 
treatment (entrainment) show a surprising expertise of clients, who are non-musicians. In order to 
understand more about the musical strategies clients are using and about the psychological as well as 
interactional processes clinical material from different fields of practice and research results are 
brought together by an internationally compiled panel of experts. Dr. Felicity Baker (Australia) 
focusses on the role of music in the therapeutic songwriting process. Peter Michael von der Nahmer 
M.A. (Germany/USA), who is a composer and music therapist, presents how patients find and develop 
musical form, context and logic in their compositions. Helen Short M.A. (UK) describes work with 
young offenders, focusing on the way in which the client's music in original and improvised Rap can be 
shaped by the therapist to provide a holding and containing function whilst retaining the stylistic 
elements of the genre. Renan Koen M.A. (Turkey) presents her music therapeutic approach with 
compositions on biographical narratives of clients and Dr. Susanne Metzner presents the results of a 
qualitative study on composition processes with patients suffering from chronic pain. 

References: References will be provided at the symposium 
Mini biography of presenter: Prof.Dr.Susanne Metzner - www.susannemetzner.de Prof.Felicity 
Baker PHD, Melbourne/Australia - 
http://scholar.google.com.au/citations?hl=en&user=4wJsCTAAAAAJ Michaelv.d.Nahmer MA, 
Composer/Musictherapist, Germany/USA - www.PeterMichaelvonderNahmer.com Helen Short MA, 
Musictherapist, SecureUnits, NHS UK Renan Koen MA, pianist/soprano/composer/musictherapist, 
Turkey - www.myspace.com/renankoen 
Disclosure: No significant relationships. World Congress of Music Therapy 2014 – Abstracts – R